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Optimize the Migration to Windows® 10?

CompuCom® offers a tested methodology for tackling the move to Windows 10. In the last five years alone, we have helped migrate more than one million PCs to Windows environments.

Looking to provide a unified, seamless user experience across a broad range of mobile and physical devices? Through CompuCom's partnership with Microsoft®, you could be eligible for Microsoft funding to deploy Windows 10.

CompuCom offers these Windows 10 migration JumpStart programs to streamline your deployment:

  • Five Day Proof of Concept Engagement
  • Enterprise Pilot Deployment

JumpStart Windows 10 Today!

Meet with CompuCom to learn more about our JumpStart migration programs. Contact us about eligibility for program funding.

Introducing the Windows 10 Jumpstart Program

CompuCom simplifies and accelerates the move to Windows 10 with our five-day migration plan.

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Save with Windows 101

33% reduction in security issues and time to resolve
$710K savings per year in security remediation
15% less IT administration time to install, manage and support
Up to $147K savings per year on IT costs

1. “The Total Economic Impact of Windows 10,” Forester Consulting.

Understanding the Move to Windows 10

“Windows 10 Migration: Is It Time?”
Many wonder if the upgrade to Windows 10 is really worth it. See why the answer is “yes.”

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits in Your PC Refresh
Learn how to optimize PC refresh to accelerate business opportunity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Getting the Most out of Windows 10
Explore the recommendations from IDC® for pursuing the maximum benefit from any Windows 10 investment.
CompuCom Jumpstart Program: Streamline Your Migration to Windows 10
Learn how we put 25 years of experience to work for companies transitioning to Windows 10.
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