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Let's Talk About Managed IT Solutions at HIMSS 2023

Using a managed IT services provider can provide hospitals and doctors with the technology solutions and support they need to improve their operations, reduce costs, and enhance patient care.

Compucom's managed services can offer several benefits to hospitals and doctors, including:

    1. Improved Efficiency: Managed services can help healthcare providers streamline their IT operations, reducing the burden of maintaining complex technology systems. This can free up resources for clinical and administrative tasks, improving overall efficiency.

    2. Cost Savings: Managed services can help hospitals and doctors reduce their IT expenses by eliminating the need to hire dedicated IT staff, invest in expensive hardware, or purchase and maintain software licenses.

    3. Enhanced Security: Managed services providers can offer advanced security solutions, such as intrusion detection and prevention systems, firewalls, and encryption, to protect patient data and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

    4. Increased Flexibility: Managed services can provide healthcare providers with greater flexibility in scaling their IT resources up or down as their needs change, without incurring significant capital expenses.

    5. Improved Patient Care: Managed services can help hospitals and doctors provide better patient care by offering faster access to patient records, enabling secure communication with patients, and supporting telehealth initiatives.

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About Compucom

Compucom is a leading provider of business services, products and digital workplace technology solutions through an integrated business-to-business distribution platform, which includes world-class supply chain and distribution operations. Compucom has more than 7,000 dedicated professionals, manages more than 7 million devices globally and serves around 700 clients in the United States and Canada. Compucom provides end-to-end managed workplace services, infrastructure modernization and digital consulting to enable the digital workplace for enterprise organizations.