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The Total Economic Impact™

Of Mac In Enterprise: M1 Update

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Mac


In 2020, Apple introduced its M1 chip and new versions of its Mac operating system (macOS) -- updates that promised to be a gamechanger for Apple devices in the workplace.

But by how much? And what impact could businesses see if they deployed Mac within their organizations? 

In this report by Forrester Consulting, researchers studied the financial corporate impact on enterprise Mac deployments and looked at the effects on IT support needs, implementation and deployment, cost breakdowns per-device, and more.


Download the report to see the full findings.

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More About the Report

In 2020, Apple introduced several new updates that further improved the performance, power efficiency, battery life, security, and collaboration capabilities of its devices.

In the context of the global hybrid-workplace movement, more employers are looking to integrate Mac into their organizations. Forrester's research is designed to help employers evaluate the potential financial impact of deploying Mac within enterprise workspaces.

The TEI of Apple Mac in Enterprise coverIn addition to saving more than $800 per Apple device when compared to a PC, here’s a look at what they found:

     • Organizations saw a 336% ROI
     • Reduced IT support costs of $12.4M over three years
     • Boosts to employee performance, engagement, and retention

The study concluded that " organizations using M1 Macs were able to further reduce IT management costs, accelerate the adoption/deployment of Mac devices, and improve employee productivity for all employees who leverage Mac."

"... better in every conceivable way ..."

“The M1 Macs are just better in every conceivable way.
We are getting a much better laptop with much more power and much longer battery life at a lower price point."

- IT director, retail industry -